Travelling to Crete in coronavirus times

May 28, 2020

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With plenty of sunshine, very few covid-19 cases and a profusion of opportunities to self-isolate amidst glorious surroundings, travelling to Crete in coronavirus times might actually be a good idea. After all some of the world’s tycoons are already safely and happily tucked inside their luxury homes in Crete. They should know something!


Azure blue skies and matching seas. Golden stretches of sand, exotic beaches and secret rocky bays with crystalline waters. Year-round snow-capped mountains, steep gorges and awe-inspiring ravines. Quaint mountain villages and vibrant, cosmopolitan towns. Ancient monuments, antique sights and a thriving contemporary culture. From museum hopping to all-day partying, Crete has something for all. In Greece’s largest island, variety really is the spice of life. That’s why it attracts all sorts of visitors from the four corners of the globe: From history buffs to bon vivants, water and mountain sports enthusiasts and that’s not to mention foodies, year after year visitors flock to Crete for a spot of much-needed sun, sea, sand and fun.


Travelling to Crete in coronavirus times: Wise or a folly?


Alas, this year in light of the pandemic, travel seems tricky at best. Fact is that there is no coronavirus-free country in Europe (if not the world!). But there are some places that are doing much better than others. Greece, nowadays emerging victorious in the coronavirus battle, is one of them.


Our stricken and tortured little country this time got it right: To contain the virus spread measures were taken promptly (if not ahead of time), decision making was left to the medical experts, political parties (perhaps for the first time) presented a unified front and the public adhered to the rules without complaint. The thing is that almost every Greek has been raised by their grandparents. So as the disease is much harder on the elderly, ordinary folk, out of their deep love for their papou and yiayia, stayed home and carried on.


The result is that Greece managed to keep its death toll to a worldwide minimum, while some of its areas including the island of Crete, had hardly any cases. At the moment restrictions in the country are being gradually and cautiously lifted off as life slowly returns to normalcy.


Travelling to Crete in coronavirus times: Could it be doctor’s orders?


With more than 300 days of sunshine in a year, healthy food and climate and a population density that is one of the lowest among popular tourist destinations, Crete, could be just what the doctor ordered: A sunny, safe and welcoming haven; the ideal place to restore and revive, beat these corona blues and get away from it all.

If you are generally fit and well, without any flu-like symptoms, it is well worth considering travelling to Crete in coronavirus times, as soon as voyages are once again allowed.


Travelling to Crete in coronavirus times: Is it possible?


The good news is that airlines are planning on resuming their flights to Greece shortly: Starting in June the Lufthansa group which also includes Eurowings and SWISS will be offering numerous sunny destinations, including Crete. Likewise, Ryanair, Europe’s largest low fares airline, just announced plans to return to 40% of normal flight schedules from Wed 1 July 2020, subject to Government restrictions on intra-EU flights being lifted, and effective public health measures being put in place at airports.


It is, of course, difficult to predict how the situation is going to evolve in the coming weeks. Yet it is undeniable that the worldwide lockdown and social distancing measures have taken their toll in our bodies and psyches. With temperatures soon to be soaring up into the ’30s, just imagine how good it would feel to escape to the beach -or even better, the nearest paradise, that is Crete.


Travelling to Crete in coronavirus times: Sneak preview


Reaching Crete in 2020 might be more difficult (or in any case more complicated). But as soon as you manage to set foot on the island, you could choose the vehicle that suits your style and party composition, from Europeo Cars large collection of Crete car rentals and then set about exploring mythical palaces and ancient cities, Byzantine monasteries and some of the world’s most iconic sights. Of course, just idling away your days at the beach is also an option!


Stay up to date with travel precautions and public health measures; but also keep dreaming (and maybe plan) your next Greek island adventure. It could well be the antidote to all this gloominess, anxiety and distress we are all experiencing at the moment!