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Read about our car rental terms for hiring a car in Crete from Europeo Cars.


Rent a car in Crete with Europeo Cars with no hidden fees or extra charges. All our prices include:

Car Hire Insurance-Services:

  1. Death or bodily injuries to third party up to 750.000,00€.
  2. Property damages to third party up to 750.000,00€.
  3. Loss of fire.
  4. The rented car against vandalism.
  5. Damages to the wheels, tires, windshield and windows.
  1. The driver against death, total or partial permanent disability by traffic accident and medical expenses up to 17.600,00€.
  2. Each passenger for bodily injuries – total permanent disability – partial permanent (percentage) – death.
MISCELLANEOUS (also included in the price)

Rental Terms

Minimum ages

The minimum age requirement for renters in groups A & B is 23 years old, with a minimum of 2 years of holding a valid driving license. For all other categories, the minimum age is 25 years old with a driving license held for at least 2 years as well.

Fuel Policy

The responsibility of refueling the car lies with the renter. We provide the car with a specific amount of petrol, and it must be returned with the same amount. If the petrol level is lower, the renter will either need to refuel or pay for the missing petrol.

Car Categories

We assure the delivery of a rental car from the selected category. In exceptional circumstances, upon receiving a request and subject to availability, we will supply the desired model


If you desire to prolong your rental period, it is necessary for the renter to get in touch with us at least 24 hours prior and await our written confirmation.

Use of the car

The car can only be used within the boundaries of Crete in compliance with Greek legislation

Vehicles shall not be used

1. Against greek law 2. While the renter or the driver or the additional drivers are under the influence of alcohol, hallucinatory drugs, narcotics or barbiturates.


You may pay in cash or by debit or credit card upon the delivery. We accept the major cards Mastercard, Visa AMEX, paypall and prepaid cards.

Extra Costs

1. Deliveries from 23:00 to 06:00 are subject to an additional fee of 20,00€ payable in addition to the reservation cost.
2. Dropping your car off in a different station ( Heraklion - Chania ) incurs a fee of 50,00€.
3.Deliveries in hotels are subject to an extra cost for distances more than 20km from the airports.
4. The driver bears complete responsibility for the key, and any loss or damage to the key will be fully compensated. If the key is locked inside the car we will dispatch a replacement key at the renter's cost.
5. We provide you, following request, GPS device for 3,00€/day.


In case of accident or other incident (fire, theft) etc, the renter must 1. Obtain names and addresses of eyewitnesses or of the driver of the car involved in the accident.
2. Call the police.
3. Contact lessor by phone, or by any other means.
4. Obtain all relevant information (including photos) from the third party or parties.
5. Within 24 hours of the accident or incident, fill in a written report at any of lessor’s nearest branch offices and provide the lessor, with any documents or information they may have. In case of the vehicle’s loss or theft, renter has to notify the police within 24 hours.

Trafic Lines

The renter is responsible for covering the costs of tickets and any subsequent administrative penalties incurred due to traffic violations throughout the rental period.

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