Post- pandemic holidays in Crete


Sunny holidays in Crete are the best way to forget about the darkest spot in recent history 

How has 2021 been treating you so far? After 2020, or the ‘Worst Year Ever’ as dubbed by Time magazine, comes hope. Real, tangible hope. In the form of the vaccine(s) to end, or at least curtail, the pandemic. Scientific data from Israel, one of the countries that have embarked on a large scale vaccination program, is optimistic. If all goes well the planet will be able to return to a considerable level of normalcy by the end of the spring or in the early summer. Surely this calls for a celebration. Ideally, with some travel-related activity: Arguably the one thing that we missed the most during home confinement. So how about some holidays in Crete? An ancient land brimming with awe-inspiring monuments, exotic seascapes and dramatic landscapes, vibrant traditions and some of the world’s best food and drink. A sun-kissed destination which invariably features on top of everyone’s bucket list of travel adventures. A little slice of heaven on earth with something for all, and just the healing place to go to, to recover from all the anxiety and stress we have recently experienced.

Holidays in Crete: Travel at your convenience and pace with your private car rental

Between uncovering the mysteries of the Minoans, exploring stunning beaches and formidable gorges and ravines, or visiting historical monasteries, quaint villages and fascinating museums, you’ll not have a moment of boredom during your holidays in Crete. And the best way to take it all in is with your Crete car rental: Fact is that distances in Greece’s largest island are quite lengthy. And while there is a well developed public transportation system in place, it is much more practical, and that’s not to mention enjoyable, to travel at your leisure, at your pace, with a trusted car hire of your choice.

At the end of the day, these holidays in Crete are meant to be all about celebrating freedom – and life- after the mandatory, albeit unavoidable, Covid 19 related quarantines. Which includes being able to roam about as freely as you wish, whenever and wherever you want, at any time of day or night. Crete, after all, has something to offer from dusk to dawn: Whether savouring a coffee (or raki!) and a chat with the locals at a village kafeneio, enjoying sundowners and the view at a smart cocktail bar in Chania, Rethymno or Herakleion, or dancing your worries away at a local panigiri (festival), choices are vast and varied, from morning till late.

Holidays in Crete with Europeo Crete Car Hire

Offering car rental services in Crete for more than 30 years, Europeo Cars is a well-esteemed company with a large collection of vehicles to suit every need or whim:
From economy superminis to medium & large family cars and from luxury jeeps, to minibuses, station wagons, minivans and automatics, there is a perfect match for every party size and composition; but also individual preferences and tastes. Aside from its rapidly expanding and impeccably preserved fleet, Europeo Cars is also renowned for its unmatched car rental prices and unbeatable special offers. Having rightfully earned the title of the most economical car hire in Crete, the company moreover boasts stellar customer, service and a crystal clear, fully transparent car rental policy with no hidden terms and conditions. All you have to do is contact Europeo Cars and reserve your prefered vehicle via website or phone, even a few hours before your departure. Then it is the open road, the sun, the sand and the fun that await you on the island of Crete.



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