The Climate of Crete


The lifestyle, sights and climate of Crete work wonders for your body and psyche

Crete, an ancient land of mighty kings and mightier men, is one of the blessed few four-season destinations on the planet. And there is a good reason: As the southernmost corner of Europe, Crete straddles two climatic zones, the Mediterranean and the North African, mainly falling within the former. This means that Greece’s largest island boasts a steady year-round supply of sun, and temperate weather, with mild winters and tolerably hot, dry summers assuaged by the cooling Meltemi winds.

The distinctly pleasant, and that’s not to mention healthy, climate of Crete is one of its many lures. It also accounts for its manifold delights: This is a place where you can go from snow-capped mountain peaks to ancient forests and balmy beaches in an hour, and experience everything from skiing to hiking, sightseeing or snorkelling, in a single day.

Music and dance are never far away, too. Art and ideas and philosophy and songs and love, simplicity, warmth and authenticity- the traveller to Crete discovers these qualities at every turn!

The health benefits of the cuisine, lifestyle and climate of Crete

Then there is the matter of the heavenly Cretan food. Based on the bounty of the Cretan land and sea, this quintessentially Mediterranean cuisine is rich in herbs and vegetables, pulses, grains, honey, and extra-virgin olive oil. Delectable factors aside, experts agree, the world-famous Cretan diet comes with an array of beneficial effects on lifespan and chronic disease treatment, including heart conditions, cancer, obesity and diabetes.

It is no wonder that Cretans rank high on longevity charts. This also has to do with their way of living: Instead of mindlessly consuming food in front of the TV, (which is a habit shared by large portions of the Western population), meals for Cretans are a social experience: To be shared and savoured with family and friends, around the table, at a leisurely pace.

These close relationships -being a part of a tight-knit community- in conjunction with an active lifestyle with daily moderate exercise and lower stress levels, aren’t just the secrets to happiness. They’re the key to longevity and good health as well.

Greek-born, Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, who continues to inspire the international medical community to this day, was the first to acknowledge this. His teachings speak about the importance of equilibrium: Good health (hygeia) is a condition of completeness and contentment; tied to physical and social environments as well as to human behaviour.

In light of our contemporary, super stressed lifestyles, it is not hard to see how the climate of Crete, along with Cretan nutrition can be beneficial in augmenting health-body and mind.

Besides, as the centre of Europe’s first advanced civilization, Crete boasts a long-standing tradition in healing: Archeological excavations have brought to light evidence of ancient medical practices dating as far back as 6000 BC. At their core were the therapeutic herbs that have been growing under the striking Cretan sun. Needless to say, these are nowadays worldwide recognised as potent treatments for all sorts of ailments and illnesses.

The climate of Crete -sun and sea combo aside, nothing beats the clear air one can breathe in the Cretan mountains– its wholesome cuisine, cultural and historical heritage, extraordinary landscapes and unique customs and cadences, make it one of the world’s top travel destinations.

This is now more true than ever: If anything, the coronavirus epidemic has reminded us of the importance of our physical and mental health and wellbeing. Cretans’ salubrious lifestyle is an example to follow: In Cretan towns and villages alike, a coffee break with friends, a game of tag with the children and, of course, the ubiquitous afternoon nap are all part of daily life. And this is precisely what Hippocrates meant when he said: “To do nothing is sometimes a good remedy.”

What’s more, scientific evidence suggests, that a combination of high temperatures and relatively low humidity -ie. the climate of Crete– is instrumental in curtailing the spread of the disease that’s been tormenting our planet for the past year. So the glorious Cretan summer might as well be just what the doctor ordered!
With stunning seascapes, formidable gorges and ravines, historical monasteries and sites, Crete is awe-inspiring and soul-restoring at the same time. Distances in Greece’s largest island are quite lengthy, and the best way to take it all in is with your Crete car rental. Pick up your vehicle of choice from Europeo Crete Car Rentals and then it is the open road, the sun, the sand and the fun that await!

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