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The legendary birthplace of kings and myths amongst men and gods -from the omnipotent Zeus or the Minoan civilization’s patriarch, mighty king Minos; to literary giants the likes of Kornaros or Kazantzakis; major international political players such as Venizelos, or world class painters like Theotokopoulos- Crete, is multifaceted, intense and particularly alluring. Blending an ever changing, bewitching scenery with a rich historical tapestry, delightful, yet wholesome culinary offerings, age old customs, gripping traditions and proud, hospitable locals, Greece’s largest island has something for all. And the best way to take it all in is on a driving tour!

Discover the dramatic, snow capped peaks of the White Mountains; leave your footprints on sun-drenched beaches; swim or play at their crystalline, exotic waters; explore steep gorges and ravines and garden of eden- like plains, fertile orchards, orangeries and olive groves; break bread with the locals at sleepy, quaint villages; venture out and explore ancient monuments, iconic sights and Byzantine monasteries; enjoy the buzz and hubbub of vibrant, cosmopolitan towns.

Why choose a car hire in Crete?

Possibilities are endless; and indeed a Cretan road trip seems like a dream come true. Yet before embarking on this undoubtedly fascinating journey, there are a couple of things to consider. For starters, you’ll need an automobile to do so. But should you bring your own vehicle or opt for a car hire in Crete?

Taking your hot wheels with you might not always be possible. Nor practical or cost effective, at that. However, by entrusting Europeo Cars, a well established company which has been providing car hire in Crete since 1990, you’ ll get the best of all worlds. Here’s why:

Why choose Europeo cars hire in Crete?

  • Autonomy to roam about as freely as you wish, whenever and wherever you want as Europeo car hire in Crete serves all airports οn the island, as well as the city centres of Heraklion and Chania at any time.
  • Guaranteed great value with Europeo Cars unmatched prices. It is no wonder that our agency has earned the title of the most economical car hire in Crete, as it has been steadfastly providing the best quotes οn the island for the past 30 years.
  • Complete piece of mind with Europeo Cars full coverage, without any hidden fees or extra charges. What’s more, all vehicles are in mint condition which means you don’t have to worry about the car breaking down and you being stranded in the middle of nowhere! Even in this highly unlikely scenario however, there is still no need to fret.
  • With Europeo Cars you’ll get 24/7 meaningful assistance throughout the duration of your car rental in Crete. In fact this is one of Europeo Cars strongest assets: Being fully customer oriented, the company shall provide you with a mobile number available for emergencies 24 hours.
  • Europeo cars Amazing seasonal offers. With rental prices starting from 90 euro/week this is your opportunity to discover Crete at its best. Boasting more than 300 days of sunshine as well as a plethora of year round attractions and activities, this great island is equally (if not more) enchanting in the less busy, super touristic months.
  • A wide range of choice. From superminis and medium or large family cars, to luxury jeeps, roomy station wagons and automatics, or mini buses and minivans for larger groups; amongst Europeo’s rapidly expanding, unceasingly updated fleet, you’ll find the car -if not of your dreams- which best suits your individual needs, preferences and budget as well as party size and composition.

Can’t wait to explore Crete’s year round wonderland? Last but not least with Europeo Cars you can book now but pay on arrival. Reservations for car hire in Crete may even be made a few hours before your departure through our website or directly by calling our offices. Contact us and make the first step of a journey that will leave you with some bewitching tales to tell!



Great prices, no hidden costs, pay on arrival
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