Argilos ( Clay ) Beach


The beach in the Libyan Sea that hides the ultimate beauty secret

Greece has thousands of beaches with some of them standing out for their special characteristics.

Some are only accessible from the sea while others have colors that would make even the most exotic island jealous.

And there are beaches that offer you unique experiences, as well as the possibility of a natural spa! One of them is a Greek beach in Crete, Argilos in Sitia. Argilos, a Greek beach… spa.

Argilos is a really special beach next to Gerontolakkos in Sitia. It is a sandy beach and its name reveals the experience you will live there.

It is called so because of the clay present at this point. As soon as you get there you will see people being immersed in clay in order to have a natural spa – sand bath and massage.

Clay has been known since ancient times, it provides the solution to problems of oiliness, aging, and tightening of pores.

Clay is widespread and is used as a means of enriching the skin for its treatment.

It can also significantly contribute to the overall improvement of its appearance and quality.

In the field of aesthetics and cosmetic products in general, its use is equally important.

Thanks to the nutrients it contains, it proves to be particularly useful and beneficial against skin damage.

Feel free to dig in the sand. You will find small pieces of clay for a short natural spa.

Argilos beach creates an eerie natural landscape that awaits you for unforgettable moments. It has golden sand and pebbles, while the crystal waters will not leave you unmoved. The spot is actually a small bay with shallow, turquoise waters.

The beach is approximately 103 kilometers from the town of Agios Nikolaos, 69 kilometers from Ierapetra and approximately 47 kilometers from the town of Sitia.

The image with the rocks around it that are full of clay will be unforgettable. As well as the natural spa experience.




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